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For many Salvationists in developing countries, attending next year’s international congress, Boundless - the whole world redeeming, is impossible without the support of generous donors from around the world.

Meet some of the sponsored delegates who, through the Mind the Gap international sponsorship appeal, can now attend the Congress and, together with thousands of Salvationists from around the world, corporately bring an offering of praise to the Lord for his goodness and faithfulness over the past 150 years.

Will you ‘mind the gap’ to help ensure each of the 126 countries in which The Salvation Army has a presence is represented at Boundless?


Iuniti Tuiono

Tonga (New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga Territory)

Youth and Corps Cadets Leader, Nuku’alofa Corps

“The first time I saw the advertisement for Boundless 2015 in the War Cry my heart longed to attend but I knew my own finances wouldn’t allow me to. When I was told that I’m being sponsored, Oh what a Joy! I couldn’t stop crying and I was speechless. The day was filled with tears as my heart was grateful to God, The Salvation Army and to those who gave generously and sacrificially so I can attend this very important event.

I am looking forward most of all to be renewed and refreshed in my spirit and my relationship with God and with others. I believe the new things that I will learn will help with my ministry with Youth and Corps Cadets. Together we become Boundless, reaching out with Faith, Hope and Love and redeeming Tonga for Christ.”

Captain Rebek Lalrohnuni

India (India East Territory)

Sponsorship Secretary, India East Territorial Headquarters

“The love and concern we the people of the world received is very great and I am filled with joy because of this opportunity provided. It is my prayer that all the generous people who have donated so that we may also attend the congress be continuously blessed by our LORD.”

Emmanuel Mwale

Malawi (Malawi Territory)

Bandmaster, Lilongwe Corps

“My hope and desire has been to see an Army that is raised to be ‘all inclusive’, ‘spirit filled’, and an Army that offers ‘hope’ to the destitute all around the world. The great opportunity of attending the 2015 International Congress, therefore, renews my hope in the Lord and re-energizes Malawi as a Territory in its mission of winning souls and achieving growth. I am hopeful that the congress will provide a new perspective and direction to the growth of the Army by fostering our grasped concept of One Army, One mission and one message and re-igniting the founder’s spirit of boundless Salvation.”

Arbie Dale D. Castro

The Philippines (The Philippines Territory)

Soldier, Manila Central Corps

“I look forward to a deeper and meaningful engagement in all the sessions. Armed with a deeper faith and words of wisdom, I hope that I will remain steadfast in my efforts in encouraging other youths to get involved in creative ministry in their respective Corps. My participation in this Congress will inspire me in my commitment to serve God faithfully through Officership.”

Ruth Ketia Presna

French Guiana (Caribbean Territory)

Junior Soldier Sergeant, Cogneau Corps

“I’m grateful for the opportunity given to me to be a sponsored delegate as I would not be able to pay my way to the Congress. On my return, I will be able to share the knowledge and experience that I will gain from this Congress and I believe that I will be able to serve the Junior Soldiers better. I can’t wait to see July 2015!

My prayer is that God will use the different groups who will perform and the Speakers to bless one and all. May Jesus-Christ be praised!”


Indonesia (Indonesia Territory)

Junior Soldier Sergeant, Bandung #1 Corps

“I hope my service in the Bandung 1 Corps as a Sunday School Teacher and Junior Soldier Leader will be more exciting and will be enhanced when I return from the Congress. I want to have the faith to believe and obey the Lord Jesus Christ and I pray I may be able to continue to encourage a lot of Sunday School children and Junior Soldiers to obey and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.”

Captain Lalthlamuana

India (India East Territory)

Congress Liaison Officer

“I am greatly blessed to have been sponsored to attend. I am looking forward to have a greater spirit of One Army through my participation, which will give me greater spiritual blessings as I am serving for the Lord and His people and bringing more souls to Christ.”

Richard Agyemang-Duah

Ghana (Ghana Territory)

Soldier, Kumasi Corps

Deputy Bandmaster, Ghana Territorial Band

“Indeed, my heart was full of joy when I was informed that cabinet has nominated me as one of the delegates to the forth coming international congress for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Salvation Army.

It is my hope that the congress will provide me the opportunity to experience spiritual growth and empowerment for evangelism through the sharing of the gospel and music.”

Ronjester Banlasan

The Philippines (The Philippines Territory)

Soldier, La Paz Corps

“The thing that I look forward to the most is to witness soldiers of the Lord from different parts of the world sharing our gifts, encouraging each other, and standing blessed and anointed for one mission. It will be great to witness different cultures and practices.

I believe that this great experience will serve as a catalyst in teaching younger generations. To God be the Glory.”

Daisy Waworuntum

Indonesia (Indonesia Territory)

Corps Secretary, Manado #2 Corps

“My hope upon returning from this opportunity will be to have experienced the great work of God through the Salvation Army around the world. I am also sure I will get a refreshed Spirit and experience many new things that I can bring back to my home Corps. Finally, thanks to the Lord Jesus to be a Salvation Army Soldier. My deepest longing is to be found to be a loyal soldier in the Lord my whole life.”

Captain Malia Siufanga

Tonga (New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga Territory)

Regional Director for Women’s Ministries, Tonga Regional Headquarters

“Being sponsored to attend the Boundless International Congress is an amazing blessing, honour and privilege. It’s the very first time for me to attend a Salvation Army International event. I can’t wait to see London – the birth place of The Salvation Army. Also to meet with new people in a new place with the new faces as One Army One Mission One Message, and experience in praising and worshiping God as His Army on its knees in prayers and listening and learning from His Word throughout the Congress.

Also this will be very helpful for me in my personal journey as an Officer to be equipped and empowered to come back and share the Boundless Redeeming power of God to faithfully serve Him through His Mission and calling in my life – The Salvation Army in the Tonga Region. Honor and Glory to God.”

Bramwel Mutinda Kisilu

Kenya (Kenya East Territory)

Leader, Mbooni District Youth Gospel Dance Group

“I thank God and the Army for granting me the privilege to attend the International Congress. It is my first time in life to fly to any country of the World. Mixing with other Nations of the Army World is a big blessing in my life. It is my prayer that through the congress the Lord will develop my witness so that I will bless others as the Army has done to me.”

Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ