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The Boundless Songbook includes the lyrics to all of the congregational songs in the seven main sessions, as well as the International Officers Councils and the Women's Gathering. We have included music tracks for many of the songs being used during the seven main sessions and encourage you to learn any you are not familiar with.

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Session One
Shout Hosanna
There is Joy in The Salvation Army
O Boundless Salvation
Christ for the World
Soldiers of Christ Arise
We are Marching On
Session Two
Peace in Our Time
The World for God
Session Three
Make the World with Music Ring
Ever is the War Cry, Victory!
To the War Loud (Fighting On)
God’s Soldier Marches as to War
This Fire
We’re an Army Fighting for a Glorious King
Session Four
How Great is our God
Beauty for Brokenness
Session Five
God's Soldier Marches as to War
Session Six
Shine Jesus Shine
Lord you are Good
Session Seven
Send the Fire
Holy Holy Holy
Soldier's Hymn
O Boundless Salvation
They Shall Come from the East
Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ