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‘To Seize This Day of Salvation’

01 July 2015

Congress reflection – Bigger than we imagined

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As Salvationists we are all part of something far bigger than we ever imagined. This Congress makes it real. More than the distances we have travelled and the hurdles surmounted in getting here, it is about the wonder of our individual and corporate spiritual journeyings from a mercy seat somewhere where we met Jesus to The O2 in London – and who knows where from here? The Congress story is about how the Army flag got to be planted where we are from and how God is still raising up saints and soldiers to follow that Blood and Fire banner all around the world.

Boundless declares we are marching forward, 150 years on, with quickened step and renewed purpose, women and men, shoulder-to-shoulder, in the fight against sin and suffering, injustice and abuse. This Congress is about all we are witnessing here of our rich traditions and youthful vitality. It is about all we are witnessing to, just by our being together in our remarkable diversity of country and culture, united in purpose and mission.

We are part of something bigger still – Boundless! There is a world to be won for Jesus. This Heaven-born, God-owned, Spirit-led Army is a vital part of the advancing purposes of our risen Lord for the salvation of that world. The world is watching. The world is waiting. Will they know us by our love? Will we be ready to seize this day of salvation?

General Paul A. Rader (Rtd)

To Seize This Day of Salvation by Paul A. Rader with Kay F. Rader (edited by Stephen Court)


By Robert Docter, Dr., editor in chief, New Frontier Publications  -
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Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ