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Phil Cobb is Dedicated to Brass

03 July 2015

Phil Cobb, 27, landed his dream job six years ago as principal trumpet with the London Symphony Orchestra, one of the world’s top orchestras. The youngest principal brass musician in the orchestra’s history, he is also in demand for solo and studio work.

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‘I always knew I wanted to play professionally,’ Phil said. ‘Brass bands were a massive obsession - when I was a kid all I wanted was to be in the International Staff Band (ISB).

‘I owe The Salvation Army everything for where I am today. Doing solo stuff with the Army was where I first dipped my toes in, but I enjoy being with people, so the whole orchestral thing suits me best.’

Phil’s family has played in Salvation Army bands for almost 100 years. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were bandmasters at Hendon Corps, where Phil is lead cornet. His father, Stephen, is bandmaster of the ISB, which Phil has also played in.

He received his first cornet as a gift from his grandfather at age three, and was taught by his father from seven until he started university.

Phil gets a lot of satisfaction from his involvement as a tutor for the Territorial Youth Band, an intensive week-long training school for young Salvation Army musicians. ‘The Youth Band was really significant for me - it had a huge impact on my faith,’ he said. As a tutor, to see the way the kids develop spiritually and musically is very humbling.

‘The life lesson I gained from Mum and Dad is that to get something back from anything in life, you have to fully commit to it,’ he said. ‘That’s true of music - and it’s no different with God.’


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