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24 November 2014

Sweden continues to mind the gap!

Salvationists in Sweden are now set to support 8 delegates from developing countries as part of the Mind the Gap appeal. The most recent addition to the current pack – Stockholm Temple (3), Västerås (2), Norrköping (1), and Vasa (1) – is Stockholm Kungsholmen Corps, which has committed to sponsoring one delegate! Groups from Uppsala, Örebro, and Nässjö corps are also supporting the appeal.

Stockholm Kungsholmen Corps Officer, Lieutenant Kalle Ljungholm shares, “I got the first information about the 'Mind the Gap' from the Boundless Instagram that I follow. We recently had our corps council and I had prepared a small but fiery speech, in which I included the letter from the General [which requested support for the appeal] that I had translated to Swedish. It was only my third corps council and, being a new lieutenant, I didn't really know how they would react to my suggestion that we, although a small corps (around 60 soldiers, 90% of them are over 70 years old), would give the £2000 to sponsor one delegate. After my [speech] they were all quiet for a few seconds, then they all said: 'Yes, of course, let's do it!' ”

Lieutenant Ljungholm adds, “I think Mind the Gap is a great way of reminding ourselves that we are an international movement. And when I read about the [appeal] I immediately thought that our corps should get involved!”

Thank you for your enthusiasm Lieutenant and, indeed, the cheerful giving of your Corps! We look forward to seeing you at BOUNDLESS!

Access the new Mind the Gap Fundraising Pack, which features the letter from the General that Lieutenant Ljungholm mentioned, at the Mind the Gap Fundraising Pack page and join the appeal today.

Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ