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Oak Creek Centennial Corps

15 September 2014

Salvationists around the world have been raising funds for the Mind the Gap appeal to bring to the Congress 1,500 soldiers from the developing world who would otherwise be unable to attend!

Oak Creek Centennial Corps (USA Central), though only 26 years old, has always had a desire to learn about The Salvation Army in other countries and support various missions abroad. Corps Officer, Major Cornell Voeller says that it was “very easy for us to promote the Mind the Gap program. When we heard of the opportunity to help we did not stop to plan our fund raising or debate how we could make it work, we just said yes. The groundwork had already been laid – an understanding of the international work of the Army, an openness to giving generously, and the desire to use our resources to bless others.”

To reach its fundraising goal of £2,000 to fully sponsor a delegate, the corps has taken up a love offering and will soon have a major fundraiser, providing meals for volunteers at the annual Christmas toy shop. They will be paid to provide 4 meals to 150 volunteers over a period of 3 days, which will bring them to their goal.

Thank you for minding the gap, Oak Creek Centennial Corps! We look forward to seeing you in 2015!

How are you minding the gap?

Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ