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Bromley Temple Corps

29 September 2014

Happy ‘Mind the Gap Monday’!

Here in the UK, Bromley Temple Corps have pledged to fully sponsor a delegate to attend the Congress next July. Associate Corps Officer, Major Gill Johnson says the corps have “had an ongoing collection for the cause” and are nearly half-way to their goal! Thank you for minding the gap!

Interested in minding the gap and looking for ways to do so? Here are some fundraising ideas!

Some of our Mind the Gap partners have hosted barbecues, sold flowers, chocolates and bottles of water, and catered a women’s afternoon tea – and you can, too! You can also take up a special offering to support the appeal.

How are you minding the gap? If you have hosted any special events to raise funds, please share the stories with us, as well as any photos you may have. We would love to hear from you at

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