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01 July 2015

These words are from a speech given by then-Commissioner André Cox to the 2013 High Council that elected him as General. They frame the focus of each of the seven main sessions at Boundless 2015.

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“I dream of a committed, effective and joyful Army, rooted and confident in the word of God and on its knees.

I dream of an Army that truly reflects the mind of Jesus in our commitment to the poor and the marginalized.

I dream of an Army that practices what it preaches from the top leadership down, an Army that is a visible and living example of Kingdom values.

I dream of an Army that values its youth where our young people feel that they have a voice.

I dream of an Army with strong relevant and streamlined administrative structures and a much more effective use of our financial and material resources.

I dream of an Army where all cultures are equally accepted and celebrated through the spiritual ties that bind us all together.

I dream of an Army that shuns the dependency culture.”

By André Cox, General - 


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Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ