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Hooray for the Boundless Buddies

03 July 2015

The Boundless Buddies are the friendly and endlessly patient people helping overseas delegates enjoy their time at Boundless. Similarly, the Boundless Hosts are making life simpler for visiting performers so they can concentrate on representing their territory and doing their best for God.

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Michael Clarkson is taking care of a group from Moldova and Georgia. ‘I’ve been making sure they’re in the places they need to be, but also that they have time to see the sights of London.’ The group has enjoyed visiting International Headquarters and they’re looking forward to seeing Covent Garden.

Nadejda Murahovskaia had an accident before the first session, falling on some steps and breaking her foot. ‘Without Michael I wouldn’t have had such an easy time at the hospital. Michael was wonderful. He’s very patient!’ she said.

Ann Howlett-Foster is from Cambridge. She’s ‘Auntie Ann’ to the Hawai’i Hula Halau group. Garet Nakamaejo said, ‘She’s been so helpful, providing everything from safety pins to directions. She’s a saint! Life without her would be very hard.’

But Ann has been just as blessed and says she’s turned into something of a PR agent for the group. ‘They’re such gracious and beautiful people – not just in how they look and move. They spend time praying and preparing before every performance. There’s a spiritual side that’s evident. Being a Boundless Host has been enriching and fun!’


This article was included in issue four of Boundless Today. Click to read all issues of Boundless Today.

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