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03 July 2015

Pin-trading, a favourite congress pastime, is breaking down language barriers and enabling delegates from all corners of the world to connect through their shared hobby.

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Mat Griffiths, a Boundless volunteer from the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland, has amassed at least 60 badges since the start of the congress – from India, Hong Kong, Australia, The Netherlands and beyond.

Noticing his collection, many people are keen to stop and chat. ‘I love to interact and get to know people from different territories,’ he said. There is one pin he is particularly fond of: ‘The Texas badge is my favourite - it’s very nice.’

Major Andrew Murray, Southern Africa, has collected more than 150 badges which are pinned to his Boundless delegate bag. He caught the pin-swapping fever at the international congress in Atlanta in 2000.

‘My children were swapping badges and got me involved,’ he explained. ‘This time I’ve come prepared with plenty of badges to swap with other people!’ He has a bag full of Southern Africa badges and is happy to share a badge with anyone that starts a conversation with him, even if they have none to offer in return.

‘That’s the great thing about pin-swapping. Lots of people have talked to me who wouldn’t have done otherwise,’ he said. Keen to increase his collection, he has set himself a challenge: ‘I’m hoping to get a badge from all 126 countries where the Army serves. What a great memory that would be if I could talk to a Salvationist from every country!’


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