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Bamboo Orchestra Presents Distinct Sound

03 July 2015

More than two decades ago, Ernest Baginda’s idea of a bamboo orchestra came to life when the government facilitated a group to perform at a festival at Lake Poso, right in the centre of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Twenty-three years later and now officially known as Musik Bambu ‘Sangkurio’ Berdikari, the group seeks to praise God using traditional musical instruments made of bamboo – a distinct sound!

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Most are members of Berdikari Corps, where they play regularly at public and church events.

Amid the breadth of musical variety offered at Boundless, Musik Bambu ‘Sangkurio’ Berdikari hopes to make a unique contribution by praising God using bamboo instruments and expressing the joy that comes with their message of praise.

‘Being able to come to London and perform at congress is a remarkable opportunity, a great motivation and tremendous encouragement to further develop our ministry and service in our church and society,’ said leader Max William Baginda. ‘We are most looking forward to seeing how the worldwide Salvation Army services have developed and are praying for renewed spirits.’  


This article was included in issue four of Boundless Today. Click to read all issues of Boundless Today.

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