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The 2015 International Congress Office at International Headquarters is delighted to announce the release of a new fundraising pack, supporting the Mind the Gap appeal. This aims to sponsor approximately 1,500 Salvationists from the developing world who, for economic reasons, would otherwise be unable to attend Boundless. The General has set a fundraising goal of £100,000 for this appeal to ensure each of the 126 countries in which The Salvation Army operates is represented. So far, individuals, corps, centres and divisions have raised £73,000. That’s almost three-quarters of the way there. But we’re not done yet and we need your help!

We have devised this fundraising pack to both spur and support your fundraising journey. In it you will find an official letter from General André Cox inviting you to support the appeal, a promotional flyer, a profile on a sponsored territory and delegate, and an invitation to make a gift in memory or in honour of a faithful Salvationist in your life, among other Mind the Gap resources. We encourage you to share these materials at home, at church and in your workplace.

Download the complete pack:

Boundless 2015 Fundraising Pack.pdf

Or choose your items:

  1. Announcement.pdf
  2. Fundraising Guide.pdf
  3. Letter from the General.pdf
  4. Promotional Flyer.pdf
  5. Donation Form.pdf
  6. Progress Indicator Instructions.pdf
  7. Progress Indicator.pdf
  8. Sponsored Territory & Delegate Spotlight.pdf
  9. Remember or Honour a Soldier.pdf
  10. 'In Memory or Honour of' Donation Form.pdf
  11. 'How to Donate' Card.pdf
  12. 'We contributed to Mind the Gap' poster.pdf
Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ