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Designed by Kim Hansen and Jan Aasmann Størksen from Norway, the official logo for The Salvation Army's 150th Anniversary Congress will become a familiar sight in the lead-up to the congress.

Boundless 2015 Logo - Circle

The logo is comprised of interwoven doves, which symbolise the Holy Spirit, who is at the centre of our movement and the colours, red, yellow, and blue represent both the Army colours and the diversity of our members. The doves come together in the shape of a star, which is the centre of our flag and represents the fire of the Holy Spirit. Lastly, the overall shape of a circle represents the world redeemed by our Lord, Jesus Christ. The circle has no beginning or ending, reminding us of the eternal and boundless nature of God. God's love, his salvation and his grace are indeed boundless and worthy of our acknowledgement and praise during the course of our five days together in London.

After a selection process lasting several months, the final choice for the logo was made by the International Congress Planning and Advisory Council, working with international leadership, from approximately 40 submissions from around the Salvation Army world.

Boundless 2015 Logo - Full
Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ