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Boundless Today is the official newsletter of The Salvation Army's 150th anniversary congress, published every day throughout Boundless.

Issue Four – 4 July 2015

An All-Embracing Army
03 July 2015
Session Five highlights cultural diversity
Women Can Change the World
03 July 2015
'Let God use you!' says Commissioner Silvia Cox
Boundless Kids
03 July 2015
Family-focused approach at congress
Pasadena Youth
03 July 2015
Inspired to serve others
Army Youth Glows
03 July 2015
NEON provides teens with fun worship and messages
Hooray for the Boundless Buddies
03 July 2015
Volunteer support makes life easier for visitors
Boundless Badges
03 July 2015
Salvationists bond over hobby
Angola National Band Stirs Hearts
03 July 2015
Bandsmen bring audience to its feet
Phil Cobb is Dedicated to Brass
03 July 2015
Salvationist now principal trumpet with London Symphony Orchestra
Bamboo Orchestra Presents Distinct Sound
03 July 2015
Indonesian musical group praise God using bamboo instruments
Caring Demands a Response
03 July 2015
Justice is manifested and enacted in the cross
Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ