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Raders launch new book with SAVN

02 July 2015

The SAVN.TV studio at Boundless 2015 was buoyant with enthusiasm as General Paul A. Rader (Rtd) and Commissioner Kay F. Rader entered to discuss their new book, To Seize This Day of Salvation (Salvation Books/Frontier Press, 2015).

Raders book signing

Gavin Schofield-Smith and Major Danielle Strickland interviewed the Raders live about what this book means to them.

“This is so exciting, not everybody gets to see this stuff live, we’re giving you an uncut piece,” Strickland said in introducing them. “These were some of the best leaders we’ve ever had.”

Schofield-Smith asked what General Rader’s first impression of the congress was.

“Diversity—the difference in languages and culture,” Rader said.

The Raders served as international leaders from 1994 to 1999, and retired to Lexington, Ky. They entered training from the USA Eastern Territory and served there along with the Korea Territory and the USA Western Territory.

Throughout their leadership, the Raders pushed for lively involvement in the development process for the success of the mission. The book explains why the word mission takes on significant meaning for both of them. General Rader writes in the book, “I am not a mindless proponent of expansionism, but…I am committed to strategic advance. We need a new birth of evangelistic innovation and daring.”

Strickland said that some generals in the past have just retired and slowly faded away, but was impressed with how active they both still are in the ministry. She asked if they think technology aids in the mission and what people can expect from the book.

“Using modern technology is helping to get the word out,” Rader said. “It [“To Seize This Day of Salvation”] pulls from a variety of circumstances that spoke to that time and is relevant to this time. People who read the book will know our hearts.”

By Erica Andrews and photo by John Docter - 


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