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06 November 2013

Can you help spread the word about Boundless 2015 within your corps, division and territory so that every Salvationist around the world is aware of the celebration taking place in London?

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It’s really exciting to hear that people are already preparing to come to London for The Salvation Army’s 150th anniversary. But we know there are thousands more Salvationists out there who don’t know there is an International Congress taking place in 2015 or have heard little information about it and so we want you to help us tell them about it.

We've updated our resources page so you can now download and use a number of different materials to help you promote the Congress where you are. These include a PowerPoint presentation, announcement slide, posters, flyers and the Boundless 2015 logo. There are also a number of links to videos on our YouTube channel that provide information about the Congress and we have more videos that we'll be releasing very soon. Why not use them in your meetings as an introduction to what's going to be taking place in London in 2015. We will be releasing more resources over the next few months but if you have any other ideas for items to help you promote the Congress where you are, please contact us.

Ephesians 3:8 - Preach to the nations the BOUNDLESS riches of Christ