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Book your place at the Congress today!

03 March 2014

The Congress registration system goes live today and you can now book your place at the 2015 International Congress!

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Registration is now open and you can book your place at the Congress using our online booking system. The online registration system has been developed to allow you to register yourself, your family and friends for each of the main sessions as well as allowing you to book tickets to other concerts and events that will be taking place during the week of the Congress.

Initially you are only able to register delegates for full registrations, giving them entrance to all of the 7 main sessions at the Congress. You will need to enter details for each of the delegates you wish to register and then select which full registration type you need for each of them. Tickets for additional events and for individual sessions will be released at a later date. For more information on the different ticket types that will be available to book, please visit the ticket types page.

The registration system will guide you through the process for booking your place at the Congress but if you have any questions or experience any problems with the system, please contact the Congress Office.

When you're ready to begin the registration process, click the button below to book your place at the Congress!

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