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Mind the Gap

04 July 2015

A ‘Mind the Gap’ sponsorship programme brought almost 1,500 Salvationists from 82 countries to Boundless 2015, covering every part of the congress experience, from obtaining passports and visas to arranging transportation, accommodation and meals.

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General André Cox made it a priority to support the internationalism of the Army, and congress planners raised almost £150,000 in sponsorship funds.

Lal Din Mawii, a Salvationist and Sunday school teacher at Tarmwe Corps, Yangon, Myanmar Region, said she is grateful for the experience of the Boundless congress and to see the bigger picture of The Salvation Army.

She discovered The Salvation Army at the age of six when she was sent to Yangon Girl’s Home after her parents had separated. She is now a university graduate working at Myanmar Regional Headquarters as Project Bookkeeper and Secretary.

Lal Din wants to fight for children’s justice and education. She said she was inspired by a congress presentation by Lieut-Colonel Dean Pallant, Director of the International Social Justice Commission, on social justice and the #UpForSchool programme for underprivileged children.

‘I commit my life to God for children‘s ministries,’ she says. ‘I have discovered that I have so many things I can do for children, especially those who are poor. I must work for their education and health.

‘Our God is faithful and is working through The Salvation Army.’


This article was included in issue five of Boundless Today. Click to read all issues of Boundless Today.

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