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Sacrifices for family

02 July 2015

Diane MacDonald grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, struggling to make sense of the sacrifice she and her family had to make. Her parents were officers and they had to move around frequently with little income.

Diana MacDonald

“There were times when as children we never understood, why we have to suffer and sacrifice equally as our parents,” MacDonald said. “But it was a learning period, and we got through the thick and thin as a family.”

Having overcome that adversity, MacDonald felt like it was her calling to be apart of the Army and help other families. She has served with The Salvation Army as a social services director, projects administrator, training college officer, medical secretary for international personnel at International Headquarters, and business manager for emergency services. She is currently the secretary for personnel at The Salvation Army's Pakistan Territorial Headquarters in Lahore.

She said throughout her profession she’s met many people who have touched her, but one particularly resonated with her.

When MacDonald and her husband were appointed in Abbottabad, Northern part of Pakistan, after the earthquake in October 2005, she met Batool Bibi. After trying to conceive a child for 17 years, Bibi was able to give birth to a son. It was his first day of school on October 8, 2005, when an earthquake caused the entire school building to collapse, killing Bibi’s only son.

“Every time I visited that area, I visited her individually but she never responded,” MacDonald said. “However one day she did and said, ‘You people say education is essential, but it took my son away.’

“This really touched me and I kept thinking about it for a very long time,” she said. “But, I am glad that I brought her out of that trauma, and continuously prayed for her. The last I met her in December 2013, she has adopted her sister's daughter and living happily with her husband.”

Despite facing difficult circumstances, MacDonald has stayed optimistic. Having extensive experience as a state-registered general nurse and midwife with a specialism in cardiac nursing, has also helped MacDonald in the process of navigating through her career. She said her knowledge in nursing has likewise helped in her family life with her two daughters Cynthia, 25, and Sarah, 21.

“We never had to go to the doctors [she laughs] it also helped me to get precautions, for my family that were medicine related,” MacDonald said.

Looking toward the future, MacDonald is excited for what is to come and mindful about keeping strong in her faith despite difficulties that may arise.

“I hope to continuously live my life according to God's will, and to live by action,” she said. “My covenant helps me at times of challenges.”

By Erica Andrews and photo by Major Mark Brown - 


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